Obstacle races in Russia

If you are visiting this page, there is a chance you are interested in participating in obstacle Race in Russia.

As this type of races became more and more popular in the world, they had also gained some popularity  in Russia.

At this moment there are more than few regularly organized races over a Russia.  Most common locations are Moscow and St Peter, while you may find also races in other cities of Russia  such as — Krasnoyarsk, Tolyatty, Novgorod and others.

So should you be in Russia or just planning to come here, if you are interested in obstacle racing —  you are on the right page.

Our blog has an updated calendar of races — LINK  (in Russian, but if you use any of the web browsers which allow the translation of the content — it should not be a problem to check the dates).

Though more complications may be on the way to get registered as almost all web sites are in Russian, not all of them accept cards from abroad  and to get to the place may be not always easy, because events  often are outside of the city and you need to take a train there.

It may sound complicated, but it definitely worth it. So if you willing to participate in any of the races or just need help to choose one — please drop a line to info@russiaocr.ru and we will be happy to support you with anything you need: booking the tickets for the race, visa support, transfer arrangements  or just simply  information and directions.
Good luck!